Summer School surprise

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

Miss Emily is fortunate in having an older sister who loves her. This comes in handy when the lure of the Isle of Skye proves more potent than the first day of Summer School! As a result, Sam arrives bright and bouncy on Monday morning and is introduced to the children as Miss Emily’s sister. Most of the children take this with equanimity. But one little boy (let us call him James) is not prepared to countenance a universe without Miss Emily in it. For him, Sam is Miss Emily, just a bit funny looking. Tuesday arrives and James busies himself all day making togas and boats and practising his discus throwing. He makes no comment when his dad arrives to pick him up but when he gets home he flings himself at his mum and says: “Mummy, Mummy, it’s all OK. Miss Emily has turned back into herself again!” No amount of persuasion by Mum would persuade James that Sam had been anything other than a funny looking Miss Emily!