Posted on May 4, 2017

It is true that we have a puritanical approach to what children are allowed to eat and drink when at school, restricting them to fruit and water. Even worse, we make them cut up their own fruit and pour their own water; of course, help is available for the younger ones but it is still the children who complete the task.

Occasionally, however, we have projects in the school that require the children to expand and consider their understanding of food. One of these is, as part of the senses theme, taste. Lemon juice is only occasionally a favourite (usually enjoyed by a boy), and chocolate is always eyed with reverence, and a certain amount of surprise that such a thing can be taking place at school. This is probably why when Miss Kate, as part of the senses project, took the lunch bunch children (those staying all day) to the kitchen and allowed them to taste popcorn, raisins and cocoa, a little girl was heard to say once the tasting was over “Wow! That was a special treat”.