Tears of happines

Posted on Mar 25, 2013

One of the more important skills that young children need to acquire is the ability to treat their friends kindly, to share and cooperate with them. To help with this, the teachers will model behaviour, as two of them did this week to demonstrate that being kind to another can lead to happiness.

Miss Ruthie played a child who was sad because her friend would not play with her and Miss Karin played a child who offered to be her friend and to play with her. Miss Felicity, to reinforce the modelling, suggested to the children that happiness can come both from someone being kind and also from the act of being kind to another.

At the end of this playlet, a boy said: “Miss Felicity, I’ve got water running down my cheeks”. Indeed he had: tears were pouring from the little boy’s eyes, without his really understanding why.