Teacher to little girl: “What is a caterpillar?”
“It is a cat that turns into a butterfly. Cat-er-pillar”

Whilst making her map of Europe, a girl was asked by her teacher:
“Which country do you think the Eiffel Tower is from?”
“Ummm. Eiffel-land?”

Two and a half year old girl walking to first day of school with her mother: “I’m so tired I can’t think. Will this be a problem?”

Twin sisters talking about going to primary school:
First twin: “You know, next year at ‘Big Girl School’ we get to wear a dress every day!”
Second twin: “But, it’s the SAME dress every day”
First twin: “Oh — that’s not good!”

At harvest: “When I give things away, I feel happier.”

“Stop in the name of the law of gravity”