“My mummy married in Sweden and I had to wait a year until I came out”

During Summer School on Ancient Egypt:
“When you’re dead, you don’t move and you wrap yourself with toilet paper. Actually…. (pause for a few seconds), toilet paper it was just to show us. It’s called Ancient Egypt. I’ll show you when you’re dead”….

Little boy coming down the stairs with a sore thumb: “I’ve hurt my fum.”
Lunch bunch boy at bottom of stairs begins to sing: “Old Macdonald had a fum.”

Little boy before the concert: “Sing so your parents’ hearts fill with happiness”
Second little boy: “Their hearts will fill with blood”

Little girl: “My great, great, great, great grandfather went to heaven.”
Miss Emily: “What about your great grandfather?”.
Child thinks…”I think he went to another country.”

Little girl: “I speak so many languages – French, English, American and Babyish”