Miss Felicity: “What do you want to be in the school concert?”
“Do you want to be a king spiderman or a shepherd spiderman?”
Long pause:
“Spiderman spiderman”
(Child: 1, Miss Felicity: 0 !!)

Miss Felicity to little boy: “You are sweet enough to eat. Can I eat you?”
Serious answer: “No. Have a bite of my biscuit.”

“Miss Charlotte, what is this called?”
“Fairy Liquid”
“How do the fairies make it?”

Little boy when asked by his mother to show his sister around the classroom: “She has eyes.”

Little boy wanting the teacher to put his gloves on:
“Please Miss Ruthie can you put my hands on?”

Little boy talking to teacher about the fact that she is pregnant and the baby is in her tummy: “Why did you eat your baby?”