Art and Movement club
Monday (12 noon to 3pm)
The children will have the opportunity to stay active as well as develop their artistic skills and knowledge. Each session will have a component from either category, sometimes combining the two at once! The programme will include various arts and craft activities such as clay modelling, painting, jewellery making and leaf printing. We will further explore some art theory, reading stories about specific artists, as well as learning some technical skills such as colour theory and texture. The children will stay active through games, music-based physical activities, dancing, and animal yoga.

Science and Technology club
Thursday (12 noon to 3pm)
The club will inspire children’s natural curiosity by providing fun, scientific experiences, and exploring various forms of technology. Through practical activities they will learn about basic scientific concepts, principles and phenomena that explain aspects of their wonderful world. They will be introduced to the three branches of science: biology, chemistry and physics. We will use this scientific knowledge for practical purposes and the introduction of technology. One of the activities will be learning about coding.

The clubs are priced at £49 per session (minimum 10 sessions).