This week the children will be looking at what things make them unique, and different from each other: how they look, what they like and dislike, what they are good at, and what things they are working on.

Whilst we may share some similarities with others, such as liking strawberries, we may be different in other ways; I may be good at, and enjoy, cutting along lines, but I may not like colouring; you may be good at, and enjoy, skipping but, not like counting.

  • It’s okay to like some things and not others
  • It’s okay to do different things than others
  • It’s okay to look a different way than others.

We will be talking about how these likes and dislikes, abilities and appearances are unique to each individual person: they are what make us so special!

This conversation may be continued at home: talking about similarities and differences between family members, and celebrating that everyone is unique and special.