This week the children will be learning about the evolution of man. Apes appeared in the Cainozoic Era, along with other mammals. From these, a special type of mammal evolved, Homo Sapiens, the modern human being. The children will explore how to develop tools from stone and wood; they will learn about the first discovery of fire, and get an understanding of life and culture in prehistoric times. They will build a cave and act out hunting, fishing, fire-making and cooking scenes during drama. They will become cave artists, blow paint on cave walls, and make Stone Age necklaces. The children will also get a hands-on experience of stone-knapping.

Home ideas:

  • Visit the Neanderthals at the Natural History Museum
  • Have a Stone Age barbecue feast. Enjoy a meal sitting around a fire. Cave men would have eaten:
    • Roast or barbecued meat
    • Shellfish or baked fish
    • Fruit – apples, pears, berries
    • Nuts – hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds

You could maybe wrap some fruit or fish in tinfoil and cook it in the embers of the fire.