This week is quite a busy week as children will be learning lots of things to do with force (which includes motion, friction and magnetism), and pressure. Children will learn that many things around us can move. Everything needs a push or a pull to get it moving. This push or pull is called force; push is a force to move something away, and pull is a force to move something toward you. A force called friction can slow something down. Friction is a force that occurs in the rubbing of two objects against each other, and it slows down the moving object. The children will learn that magnetism is another kind of force, one that pulls metals toward a magnet. A force can cause an object to accelerate, slow down, remain in place or change in shape. Pressure is the amount of force pushing on a specific area. Concentrated pressure is more powerful at penetrating than a broad source of pressure. A knife will go through butter but a book, with the same mass as the book, won’t. We will investigate why. The air pressure surrounding us can change when the wind blows, or an object, such as a car or airplane, accelerates.