We have now reached the Mesozoic Era on our journey through Evolution!

During this era, Earth was a very different place. The climate was warmer, the seasons were very mild, the sea level was higher, and there were no polar ice caps. Even the shape of the continents on Earth was different; the continents were jammed together at the beginning of the era forming the supercontinent of Pangaea.

Over millions of years, the warm land became covered with forests and swamps. With so much to eat, some of the reptiles developed into the first DINOSAURS. Some were carnivores, others herbivores. Other light-boned reptiles developed wings and some lived in the sea. The first birds also evolved during the Mesozoic Era and the magnolia tree blossomed as the first flowering plant. Towards the middle of the era, Pangaea started to break into separate landmasses that would eventually move into their current positions.

Towards the end of the era, the dinosaurs disappeared. Some say that an asteroid or comet crashed into Earth, or a massive bout of volcanism occurred, either of which would have filled the skies with debris, starving Earth of the sun’s energy. As dinosaurs were cold blooded animals that needed the sun’s warmth for energy, they would have died along with most plants which needed sunshine to live.