This week we will be looking at North America.  During our circles, we will learn about different people from North America including the Inuits, cowboys from the USA, Mexicans, Hawaiians and Costa Ricans.  We will learn about the clothes they wear and why, what it’s like where they live, and the music they traditionally enjoy.  We will try some pineapple and paprika (which is great for when the weather is very hot in Mexico) and some maple syrup from Canada.  We will look at the Redwood Trees, which are the biggest in the world, and see if we can measure their diameter.  We will think about our dreams and make dream-catchers as the Native Americans do.  We will try to paint the Northern Lights and make sand-pictures.  There will be animals native to North America to play with, as well as photos and North America based shelf activities for the children to enjoy.