This week we will look at the continent of Antarctica, the only continent that nobody lives on! We will talk about the climate there and the animal inhabitants, and how they survive in such harsh conditions. Focusing on the Emperor penguin, we will learn about the fascinating journey those penguins make to nest their eggs and ensure their chicks’ survival. The children will have an opportunity to re-enact this in drama, and we will also hatch a penguin egg!

The children will learn about the research centre there, and the scientists from all over the world who go there. The children will also become research scientists themselves in our role-play area, and they will discover why Antarctica is called an ‘ice desert’, what vegetation (grasses, moss and algae) grows there, the extent of the natural formations (ice-bergs and ice shelves), and the life-cycles and behaviour of the animal inhabitants. We will carry out science experiments on insulation, crush ice, have messy play with home-made snow, and free stuck Antarctic animals from ice outside! The children will think about what they would need to take to Antarctica if they were to visit, remembering not to forget their sun-cream! We will explain how Antarctica is very special as all the countries in the world have agreed to protect it, and it is a place dedicated to peace and science.