Child to parent: “I like only the roast potatoes at nursery. Its made different. You need to ask the teachers!”

Child: “Mummy, I already know how to do it. I learnt it at nursery. I can do it”
My child going out one weekend and catches me by surprise!

Thank you Chitra and her team for supporting us new parents and sharing invaluable Montessori development knowledge

My son is learning to read words. He is starting to write letters and reads the labels at the supermarket. Shoppers are always amazed.

My son looks forward  to Nursery every morning. He loves the activities, especially the big construction blocks.
He is using his phonics sounds and says he can read words

Miss Chitra and her team are doing a fantastic job at Gardens Montessori. My daughter attended Iverna Gardens and I highly recommend this nursery to any family. The team is caring, genuinely loving children and fostering  their development and happiness. My daughter was going every day to the nursery with a big smile on her face and enjoyed all the activities, indoors and outdoors. The Forest School is a great way to connect with nature. They have a great connection with the parents and keep us updated on all activities and progress. The nursery is an absolute gem in W8!