Where can we begin? Thank you for the many gifts you bring into Iverna Gardens every day, for making it the most special place on Earth for our two boys, who have had the best possible start in life thanks to your most amazing “Casa Dei Bambini”.

He loved his blue card from Iverna Gardens. We took it with us to hospital and he asked me to read the comments from the teachers to him time and time again whilst we were waiting for the surgery. It made me realise once more what an amazing job everyone at Iverna Gardens does for the children and their development. His experience at Iverna Gardens has given him such a sense of community and of belonging and has enriched his life in so many different ways; it gives him strength in difficult times, safe in the experience that there are so many special people (teachers and children) in his life who love and support him and to whom he can bring love, joy and support.

Thank you so much to all of you for giving our two boys the best possible start in life not only with your professional expertise, but also with your hearts and minds, your kindness and also with enforcing boundaries in a gentle way. We are truly lucky to have found such a wonderful place for our two children!

As three wonderful years come to an end, we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The environment that you create for the children is simply magical. Our children could not have had a better start.

I just wanted to let you know that my children are doing very well at Thomas’s – and that is mainly thanks to you and your fantastic team; the Montessori system accompanied by a sense of freedom and responsibility; and, above all, a fair respect for the child’s personality and individuality. With all these ingredients, you are in my eyes the most remarkable educator I have come across in the last 20 years!

One of the true highlights of our time in London was sharing in the adventure that is Iverna Gardens. Your beautiful school was a real blessing to our family. You and your lovely colleagues did so much to nurture and encourage the children as they learned about learning – as they began to discover the delights all around them. Many friendships that developed between the children remain strong today and I count among my closest friends some of the parents that we got to know through your school. Thank you for your gentleness, kindness and sincere enthusiasm. Thank you for helping our child’s transition from Bucharest to London go smoothly. Thank you for welcoming us into your school family and for keeping in touch over subsequent years.