Thank you for giving both my children the best start to their education path that we could have wished for. They both benefited hugely from their schooling with you and have been happy at your school.

Thank you for another, double billed, wonderful year. My daughter I hope is ready for the big world of big school – at least as ready as she will ever be – although the loss of Miss Sally will be lasting. My son amazes me with his confidence and joy at going to school. Thank you for creating the wonderful introduction to school that sets them all on the path of eye-opening experience.

  • Names have been changed

I have been dreading this movement ever since my first child left Iverna Gardens! I just cannot believe this is it! I have walked to and from school for many years and I honestly can’t imagine life without it. I may have to take over the lunch bunch. We have had such a wonderful experience for which I will always be so grateful. The friends my children have made and the world that’s been opened up to them are things that set them on the right path for life. They still tell me about the times like the red period, the planets, flags, sandpaper letters etc. Each time another child does a project the old ones all come out of the drawer and they all live it together!! My bedroom became filled with seven years of glitter from the big bang!! I will really miss the school and seeing you every day, sitting in that tiny chair greeting the children. I really can’t imagine being without it. Thank you again and again for all the love and encouragement you have given to us all!!

As we are approaching the end of our daughter’s stay at Iverna Gardens, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing her with an environment in which she has clearly flourished, in this important stage of her life. Thank you for always being available, for addressing any concerns or issues we had. We wish you and the school all the best for the future.

You have given our son such a wonderful start in life – it is hard to express our thanks and your report on him is so perceptive it makes me cry. You must know how much his stay at Iverna Gardens meant to him and to me, so much so that I was unable to hold my tears today although he managed much better! You have created a wonderfully gentle, creative and nurturing school – thank you.

My heart is breaking at the thought of my daughter leaving Iverna Gardens. Thank you for instilling the confidence, for providing the fun and opening her eyes to the world around her. She could not have asked for a better first school experience. You are wonderful. You have made her so happy these last two years. Thank goodness I’ll see you in January. I couldn’t be saying goodbye.