Thank you so much for all your help. Thank you, too for the last eight or so years, for all the affection and sensitivity and interest that our children have received from you. We will miss you dreadfully.

Thank you so much for all you have done for David over the past two and a half years years. Sending David to Iverna Gardens has been such a pleasure and one of the greatest things about living in London. I can’t wait for his brother to start. Iverna Gardens is a very special place that will always have a spot in our hearts. I’m sure I will see you, I don’t think I can stay away long!

– 13 Aug 2017

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful environment that you have let my daughter enter. She has thrived, grown, developed and thoroughly enjoyed her life at Iverna Gardens. I will always remember the way you embrace each child’s spirit and individuality. It has been rewarding, inspiring and a happy experience for us all. We will miss you.

How can I convey how much I appreciate everything you have done for my children. Put very simply, I love your school. I love the warm, caring, nurturing yet independent environment you have created. I love how you know each child so well. I love how you make the children love learning. I love how you are able to bring out the best in everyone (that includes parents!). I could not, in my wildest dreams have imagined a better place for my children to leave having spent their first years of school with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for everything that you have done for Julia. As I am a fairly old-fashioned parent committed more to a child’s happiness than cramming them with learning at too early an age, your attitude to teaching was a source of great comfort. I have also written to Miss Sally to thank her for everything she did for Julia. Julia is devoted to her and mentions her often. I shall never forget the time when we were in Delhi and she said she wanted to get back to London because she was “missing Miss Sally”. Again, when we were in St. Lucia recently she asked to be photographed in front of volcanoes and waterfalls because “I have to show Miss Sally where I went”. Many schools impart knowledge but not many care for their children as you do. Thank you.

  • Names have been changed

Just a simple note to say thank you for the wonderful start… It is always very satisfying to see how happy child is to go to school in the morning… This is what you have given to me so simply… Thank you.