Before your child is due to start, we will invite you and them to visit us twice: once during the previous term, and then on the day before the first day of nursery. You will meet the teachers, participate in some activities, and get a feel for the school. You will be able to discuss any worries you may have and see how things work. On the first day of term, you are welcome to stay for a short while, and we will be in touch by telephone during that day to keep you informed as to how your child is doing. All the teachers will be aware of your child and be ready to engage and cherish them. These first few days can be an anxious time for parents, but, with encouragement and love, the children settle well.

As with their learning, the settling arrangements for each child will be different and we tailor the process accordingly. Every child has an individual learning plan, with the teachers using observations and knowledge of each child’s interests and abilities to adjust their teaching. This way, we can ensure every child makes good progress. The teachers quickly create strong bonds with the children, getting to know their likes and dislikes and helping unlock the mysteries of the classroom for them.

You and the nursery

The school is a family, and that includes the parents. This friendly, welcoming atmosphere may be of particular benefit to newer residents of Kensington, including those from overseas, who are still in the early days of getting to know people and the area. Each year, a parent acts as class representative, organizing coffee mornings and nights out as well as activities with the children.

A parent’s life is full of new challenges, and shaping a child’s behaviour often works best when it is a project understood and shared across home and school. Working together with parents, we can use our experience and strategies to manage whichever child development situations you find yourself facing.

We know the anxiety of seeing your child go off to school, perhaps for the first time, not knowing what activities, wonderful though they might be, they are up to. We encourage parents to get involved in the school: through weekly activities, charity events, trips and projects.