Dance and Drama Club
Monday (12 noon to 3pm)
Dance and drama club takes place at school on a Monday afternoon. It is a lively and fun class to develop self-confidence, body-control and teamwork. Through stories, the children bring their imagination to life, explore feelings and learn to perform in front of an audience. There is a different theme every three weeks; for example, Peter Pan and Aladdin. Each session incorporates movement with music, dance routines, singing, role-play and much more.

Science and Technology Club
Thursday (12 noon to 3pm)
The club will inspire children’s natural curiosity by providing fun, scientific experiences, and exploring various forms of technology. Through practical activities, they will learn about basic scientific concepts, principles and phenomena that explain aspects of their wonderful world. They will be introduced to the three branches of science: biology, chemistry and physics. We will use this scientific knowledge for practical purposes and the introduction of technology. One of the activities will be learning about coding.

The clubs are priced at £490 per term, each.