For the next two weeks we will learn about land. Children will be engaged in science and language, and mathematical, geographical and creative activities using rocks, clay, soil, and sand in order to explore those items and how they relate to Earth.

By forming miniature mountains, volcanoes, hills, plains, and rivers, and other land forms such as lakes, islands, peninsulas, gulfs, and capes, children will extend their vocabulary, using new words to describe their experiences.

They will transfer these natural resources using jugs, spoons, tongs, and tweezers in order to continue developing their fine-motor skills. They will have opportunities to count stones and pieces of clay, learning to associate these quantities with their corresponding numeral.

Creatures that live in and on our land will be explored, together with their habitats. Children will have opportunities to form these creatures and animals using clay.

This project is one of four which will lead to further exploration of our continents and their place on Earth.