This week we will be looking at rubbish collectors and focussing on our rubbish! We will continue to emphasise our recycle, compost, and rubbish system in the classroom; it is amazing to see how quickly the children learn which bin left-over fruit and vegetable goes in, where to put their cuttings and where to put their used tissues. We will talk about the importance of recycling and how we can all help by tidying away our own things after we have finished an activity. We will also look outside the classroom, and into our community, particularly at the rubbish collectors who are out and about whatever the weather, picking up rubbish, and leaves, and making sure that our pavements, parks, and streets are kept clean for us. With any luck, we should spot some of the rubbish collectors from our playground and gate! We will talk about what they do, what equipment they use such as brooms, dustpans, and rubbish bags, as well as the bright orange clothes they wear to keep them safe whilst working. We will continue with our thank you board, adding our thanks to the rubbish collectors who keep our community so clean.