This past year has been a dream come true for all of us, especially our darling son. We can’t thank you enough for all your wonderful care and warmth and amazing support. He has blossomed into an incredibly happy, confident and well-rounded boy thanks to your immense dedication, love and kindness. We are over the moon to be part of this very special Victoria Road family.

You have been an absolute angel. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our boys. The twins absolutely adore you and have loved every minute of school thanks to you all. It has been so incredible watching them grow up and blossom this past year. Thank you for taking such care of them and for guiding and nurturing them this past year. I’m *so* glad they have another amazing year with you all at VR.

We cannot thank you enough for taking so good care of our child. VRM is the sunshine of our family: it has shaped one of our children and the other is thriving. Every time we go to VRM (and not often enough), we feel how cosy, warm and clever this nursery is: there is so much positive energy. We owe this to you and the amazing teachers. Thank you so much for all you do.

What a joy these last four years have been, having my children all at Victoria Road. It has been heaven watching them grow and prosper into the sweetest, happiest little boys. Their progress and development and wonderful confidence and overall happiness have been down to the incredible home away from home that you have built at VR. To say you have transformed our babies into the most incredible, endearing, beautiful little people would be an enormous understatement. They have loved every moment of school and their time at VR and it will be painful for all of us to be unable to be there again in September. What you have done for our children, we will be eternally grateful to you for. We simply cannot find the words to express the enormity of our love, appreciation and sincere thanks for teaching, loving and nurturing our children in the way that you have.

I cannot thank you enough for being her inspiration and giving so much love to my daughter. Since she started at Victoria Road, she has evolved so much and you have been so sweet and patient with her. I am very sad because she is going to miss her teachers so much. Thank you for all the love, dedication and energy you have put into teaching her. You are a fantastic friend and teacher and we will miss you. But not for long, because her sister is starting soon!

Firstly, thank you for giving us the chance to attend Victoria Road Montessori. It has been a great experience and our daughter has flourished in her time there. We have loved the teachers, the environment and the positive, loving energy.