This week the children will be learning about the season of spring and a major Christian festival: Easter. They will be looking at the four seasons and how spring is seen as the season of new beginnings, as the weather gets warmer and there is more rainfall. Plants grow and many baby animals are born in this season. This idea of new beginnings will tie in to a light discussion during Circle about how Christians believe Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday to help the people and look after us. With the spirit of Easter, we will have a strong focus on being kind and loving to each other, using some fun activities to remind us of different ways we can be kind to each other. The children will grow cress in eggshells: a fun way to watch new life as the hair on our egg-people sprouts up! There will be spring and Easter related activities on the shelves; for example, matching animals to their eggs and exploring new vocabulary. This is a great time to think about all our senses, so there will be lots of flowers around the classroom, and outside, to smell and explore, as well as gardening and messy play indoors, using soil for our younger friends!

Ideas for home:

  • Easter egg hunt (boiling and painting eggs to hunt outdoors is so much fun)
  • Spring nature walk – hunting for new plants around us
  • Planting plants that we can watch grow over the coming months.