Alex has grown into a confident, happy and independent boy in his two years at Iverna, He always went to school excited with a huge smile on his face. We will miss you all.

Just wanted to say thank you for providing that creative foundation for her. I truly believe being at Iverna helped her learn to think creatively, with no hesitation. Thank you for being part of teaching her right from wrong.

Each time I have come for Stay-And-Play, I have floated home with happiness. Thank you to you and your team for playing a huge part in my daughter’s transformation from being so shy and quiet to being such a confident, happy little girl. The transformation is incredible.

What can I possibly say to express my gratitude for the last eight years? You have created and nurtured three self-confident, fun-loving children who are excited to learn and face new challenges with enthusiasm. We know that this is a direct reflection on you and your wonderful school. You have given all of them such a strong foundation to stand on and, with your kindness and patience, have let them reach upwards and onwards. We are eternally grateful. I am dreading not seeing you anymore – all your words of wisdom and quiet encouragement have meant the world to me. Thank you for raising me and my three kids. We are all better off having been a part of your life and life at Iverna. With a heavy heart we say goodbye and thank you for the best start anyone could ask for.

Where does one begin thanking you? For your guidance, and incredible knowledge of children, for the way in which you engage them in our world and enlighten them and open their minds to enjoy learning and living and questioning their world, a world which without you would not be such an amazing exploration and adventure into life. These children are very lucky! You will me missed by us but never, ever, forgotten.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking such wonderful care of our children. I have loved every second of my time with you at Iverna and just wish I had 20 more little ones so it could go on for ever. Iverna is a little bit of magic in Kensington that I will always absolutely love and never, ever forget.