Parenting Course Kensington

Empowered Parenting
offers clear, concise insights into the nature of your child and what you can do to support them emotionally, socially and academically. You will gain an understanding of child development, helping you to realize the reasons behind your child’s behaviour, and how to use this knowledge, along with strategies, to get the very best from them. Along with this, we will look at some of the reasons behind sibling rivalry and how to encourage harmonious sibling relationships. We will explore the building blocks that support maths, literacy and creativity, and will look at games and activities to support your child in that journey.

The parenting course has six sections:

The secrets of child development: core principles of the developing child and what you can do practically to support them. We look at the developmental stages from birth to 3, 3-6 and 6-12.
Behaviour: this section deals with the importance of the language we use with our children and how tweaking the way we speak can help foster positive behaviour.
Sibling Rivalry: how to avoid sibling conflict and resentment.
Language development and the basics of literacy: the foundations that underpin spoken language, reading and writing. We look at the acquisition of language from birth and how early games and experiences help develop language and prepare children for reading and writing.
Number development and the basics of maths: creating a love of, and ease with, numbers (yes really!)
Creativity: setting free your child’s inner artist.

Age: birth – 5

Spring 2021: 13th March (10am to 5pm)
Venue: Zoom

Cost: £200 per person, £300 for a couple




Previous workshops

Tantrums: where do I turn this off?

Let’s be honest: tantrums can be puzzling. They are triggered by random factors, are hard to predict and have terrible timing. Nonetheless, they are easier to handle than you think. In this workshop, we will discuss the two big categories of tantrums: conscious and unconscious. You will learn what to expect from different ages, how brain development influences your child’s behaviour, and acquire some tools for effective discipline.

5th February 2018
5.30pm to 7.30pm
Cost: £37

“Because I said so!” (and other strategies to survive parenting)

For parents of children aged 18 months to seven years
9th October, 6th November 2017
Tricky moments with children are inevitable. Children have the power to give unexpected twists to the simplest activities such as a trip to the supermarket, dinner time or a scooter ride. Their routines and behaviour change rapidly, sometimes affecting the dynamic of the whole family. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to establish the non-negotiable rules and habits in your house, manage routines, avoid power struggles, deal with strong personalities and follow through with logical consequences.
We will be joined by Jillian Lavender, founder of the London Meditation Centre, who will host one session to teach parents methods of de-stressing and reconnecting with themselves. Parenting can feel like juggling but it is one of the most rewarding experiences. Let us help you with strategies and ideas to achieve a more balanced parenting style.

Session 1: 9th October 2017
Session 2: 6th November 2017

(Session with Jillian Lavender; more information on London Meditation Centre can be found here)

In each session, we will review how you can implement what we talk about once you get home. The reason why we do the workshop in sessions is to give you time to test and try what you learn. Between the sessions, you will get weekly emails with ideas to try at home as well as support from us, if you need it.

Cost £120 (£205 for couples)