“First, I’m going to be a builder, then a doctor, then a chef, then a grown-up.”

Little boy looking at a  book with the planets of the solar system:
“I can’t live on Earth because it is too blue and cold, not on Jupiter because it is too orange, I can’t get into Saturn because of the rings- that’s why I live on Venus.”

Doing the timeline of her life a little girl asked by her teacher: “What did you turn after two?” replied “Left”

Doing insect terminology cards, discussing why the insect had legs towards the top of its body: “I know why – in case he wants to do a headstand.”

Child: “I went to a pizza restaurant.”
Teacher: “Was it Pizza Express?”
Child: “No, it didn’t move.”

Child to father at home: “Where’s Mummy?”
Father: “She’s gone to a talk by Miss Felicity on evolution. She’ll be back soon.”
Child: “She won’t be back soon. Evolution takes a very, very long time.”