Reading with Children

Posted on Apr 10, 2023

Reading to young children is an important way to help them to build language skills. It exposes them to new words and ways of using language. It also helps them learn general information about the world.

Books help children to build empathy and learn how to handle challenging feelings.

Reading together with your child gives you and your child a chance to slow down and connect with each other. And the sensory experience of sitting with you and hearing your voice also engages the child’s brain in a way that makes learning easier.

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Popularity of first names

Posted on May 8, 2017

This list displays the number of children, bearing a particular first name, who have registered with us since 1991. Alexander is king! In fact, the top five names are boys’ names. Only when Olivia arrives at number six, do girls begin to feature. Out of 1375 names, 901 only occur once.